Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Leveson inquiry: plus ca change...

Tonight, News International controls 39% of BSkyB - and the Murdochs control about 36% of News Corporation. Guess what changed today? They chose not to make it a full 100% even though Mr Hunt had offered it to the Competition Commission to chew on for a year.
Meanwhile, the 2006 Information Commissioner report's biggest sinners, the Daily Mail & General Trust (see p.9), as well as pornographer Desmond's Express Newspapers and his many porn TV channels, continue to pour their effluent over British democracy.
Leveson LJ is the prosecutor who could not convince a jury to convict Ken Dodd over his extraordinary tax practices. He will soon top that with an inquiry which makes Calcutt look rational and Hutton insightful. As Simon Jenkins explains, 21st century politicians lack the balls to confront the press, they are pygmies - look at Obama with Murdoch in the US. The press is both corrupt and vital in a democracy - fortunately we have the Scott Trust, Presssdram and BBC to drag the rest  out of the slime occasionally.
And Wikileaks, unless we decide to deport the real hero (and very flawed, as all good ones should be)  in all this.
For they are all, all honourable men.

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