Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Regulating Code: Court Approves Google's Privacy Settlement

Regulating Code: Court Approves Google's Privacy Settlement: RegBlog : "A federal court recently approved the $22.5 million settlement reached three months ago between Google and the Federal Trade Comm...

Ofcom study reveals 16% of UK internet users guilty of infringement would change after letter

Online copyright infringement: Ofcom study reveals one in six UK internet users guilty of infringement: "Fewer than one in four UK internet users that engaged in copyright infringing activity during a three month period earlier this year said they would be put off from repeating the offence if they knew they would receive a letter to tell them that their internet access was to be suspended as a result of the behaviour, according to a new study commissioned by Ofcom." 'via Blog this'

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Australian coalition eyes co-regulatory content kill-switch on social networks

Coalition eyes content kill-switch on social networks - iTnews.com.au: "The federal opposition is canvassing a co-regulatory proposal to force social media networks to remove content deemed "likely to cause harm to an Australian child".
The coalition today released a discussion paper on issues of child safety on the internet, brought about by consultations through its Online Safety Working Group formed earlier this year. One of its key suggestions is to set up a "Children's e-Safety Commissioner" or similar body to coordinate "a national response to online safety". Among other responsibilities, the commissioner could be responsible for administering a "co-operative regulatory scheme that applies to large online social media outlets operating in Australia"." 'via Blog this'