Thursday, 22 March 2012

Making Laws for Cyberspace: Chris Reed

Making Laws for Cyberspace: Paperback: Chris Reed - Oxford University Press: "Professor Reed puts forward a new model for cyberspace laws which focuses on human actions rather than the technology used. Arguing that, in cyberspace, law works primarily through voluntary obedience rather than fear of enforcement, Professor Reed explains his thoughtful and controversial new viewpoint as to how cyberspace laws should be devised and re-opens the debate as to the value of law for regulating cyberspace and how best to influence the behaviour of cyberspace actors." Should be provocative and fascinating reading.

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Co-regulation key to safer internet -

Co-regulation key to safer internet - Telco/ISP - Technology - News - "welcomed moves by providers Telstra, Optus and CyberOne to filter child abuse sites based on an Interpol-maintained ‘worst of’ blacklist of more than 400 sites. The voluntary filter and subsequent move to an Interpol blacklist has been widely seen as a stop-gap arrangement to the Federal Government’s mandatory internet filtering proposal, which would focus on a blacklist of refused classification material maintained by the media regulator."

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Are Nominet decisions the last word in domain name disputes?

The IPKat: Are Nominet decisions the last word in domain name disputes?Michael Toth v Emirates [2011] EWPCC 18, Judge Birss QC (Patents County Court, England and Wales) held that the decisions of a Nominet-appointed expert or appeal panel in .uk domain name disputes were subject to review by a court. In reaching this decision Judge Birss QC fastened his attention on clause 17.c of the DRS Procedure... Nominet's terms neither precluded nor limited the court's jurisdiction to hear disputes that had been brought before the Nominet DRS Procedure. and the expert determination was not therefore conclusive. Might this open the floodgates to litigation over Nominet rulings? The judge conceded that this was a matter that a court should consider when deciding whether to allow a review in any given case. Emirates appealed against the refusal to strike out the application relating to abusive registration, while Toth cross-appealed in relation to the striking out of the application relating to an improper decision. This morning Mr Justice Mann, sitting in the Chancery Division in 
Michael Toth v Emirates [2012] EWHC 517 (Ch) found for Emirates.
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