Monday, 14 February 2011

UK government admits Digital Economy Act will cut off poorer users

The appalling cock-up that is British government comms policy continues to mystify, stupefy, infuriate and amuse in equal measure....this time, claiming that freedom of information is a 'leak' and refusing to publicise their response in complete breach of their own information regulation. The judicial review on 22 March may be thrilling!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Codifying Cyberspace: compared to the 'Next Digital Decade'

Routledge have a new website for my co-authored book on self- and co-regulation of digital media, which pithily summarises the argument thus: 'Can the Internet regulate itself? Faced with a range of 'harms' and conflicts associated with the new media – from gambling to pornography – many governments have resisted the temptation to regulate, opting instead to encourage media providers to develop codes of conduct and technical measures to regulate themselves.' Uncontroversial in Europe, but in the US there continues to be a real Internet exceptionalism debate, summed up in the thinktank author/lobbyist contributors to this very interesting new collection. With Wu, Pasquale, Benkler and Zittrain, its a must-download and maybe a must-read.