Thursday, 20 December 2012

Victory for the Mail! Kind of opt-in filtering for parents who want it

Victory for the Mail! Children WILL be protected from online porn after Cameron orders sites to be blocked automatically | Mail Online: "this is a kind of “default on” for houses with children; it’s just that it adds much more control for parents about exactly what is restricted,’ the Prime Minister writes. Mrs Perry, MP for Devizes and a Parliamentary aide at the Ministry of Defence, said she welcomed the Prime Minister’s plans.
‘Clearly, like many others I thought an opt-in was the simplest and best way to do it,’ she said. ‘But you have to listen when you do consultations. It is clear people think that more needs to be done, but there isn’t a majority in favour of an automatic block. If you have proper age verification systems, then I think this new system will put us a long way ahead of the rest of the world.
‘As near as damn it, we have got what we want and most campaigners are quite happy. The industry has, with a few notable exceptions, been quite slow but there is now good momentum. It will be my job to make sure it all gets implemented.’"
The Mail hasn't won this big since....well let's not mention the war. 'via Blog this'