Sunday, 30 January 2011

US - even less regulation?

TeaBaggers respond to oil spills, bank crises et all by calling for less regulation - just like Cameronian Conservatives. - great book and the curse strikes again

Just read Kieran McCarthy's book, which is fascinating for any trial lawyer, but more important for exposing NSI's rampant abuse of process in its treatment of individual registrants' appeals.
I then checked the update - made profits for the crook who stole it of $43m or more to 2000, then was sold by its rightful owner for $12-14m in 2005, and now has been resold for $13m in bankruptcy court. Everyone who ever owned the name was cursed by it.
More particularly, it made the co-regulation of non-profit Nominet in the UK particularly attractive compared to the rather despicable people then in charge at NSI.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Book now available for pre-order on Amazon

Nice to see - though note September publication date - we're in pre-production and pre-proofs so far.
Happy new year to all co-regulators (eh?)