Thursday, 30 June 2011

Aftermath of #eOECD continued...

There are two more interesting civil society articles, by Rashmi Rangnath of Public Knowledge and by IGP's Milton Mueller - who blogged at O646EST while we were all still in the final session waiting for the final communique (he clearly moves at Internet not Paris taxi strike speed!).
They both share praise for the inclusiveness of OECD's process - if some concern over timing of deliberation - but regret that the proposed private censorship model for intermediaries was a show-stopper despite the many good things in the rest of the document which ITAC  supported (e.g. nice piece here by Glyn Moody on HTML5 and open standards). ISOC also supported the communique, note to GIGAOM.
Milton makes the same point as I did later, that the 2008 Seoul declaration stated judicial due process, which has been dropped in 2011. Price of progress...?
Kieran McCarthy was highly pertinent, ascerbic and amusing by tweet, too. One can do many things with good or bad tools - blame them, for instance...

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