Thursday, 5 April 2012

Newspaper Man: Eircom's "3 strikes" scheme is illegal under EU law

Newspaper Man: Eircom's "3 strikes" scheme: "Eircom, through Pat Galvin, its head of public policy, is recorded saying "graduated response", as implemented by Eircom "is expensive and does not provide protection or redress for end-users, as is required by the EU Telecoms package". Quite an admission. Both pages recording this meeting and that admission are on
Eircom are worried there is no independent oversight of their 3 strikes system as is required by the EU Telecoms Reform package signed into law in 2009. But why sign up for a scheme in 2010 that was in breach of EU law passed a year earlier? Well the EU law was only transposed into Irish law in July 2011."
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