Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Jeremy Hunt: BSkyB scandal

Jeremy Hunt: the 'goody two shoes' caught up in BSkyB scandal | Politics | The Guardian: "culture department's civil service specifically instructed Hunt not to meet James Murdoch on 15 November, as the strong legal advice was that "the current process is treated as a judicial one not a policy one, and any meeting could be referred to and jeopardise the whole process". Yet Frédéric Michel, News Corp's director of public affairs, tells James Murdoch: "You could have a chat with him on his mobile which is completely fine and I will liaise with his team privately." On 24 December, when Hunt took formal ministerial responsibility for the bid, Hunt declared he could not hold a meeting with James Murdoch. Yet Michel spoke to "JH" at 5.25pm and reported to Murdoch: "[He] said he was very happy for me to be the point of contact with him/Adam on behalf of James Murdoch going forward. Very important to avoid giving the anti any opportunity to attack the fairness of the process and fine to liaise at that political level.""
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