Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Speaking on co-regulation and constitutionalism at Wharton

Its always a great pleasure to accept Kevin Werbach's invite to Wharton to discuss media and communications law. In particular, its the concept, one hour per paper for a brief introduction and a long discussion - which requires the superb and engaged scholars that Kevin attracts.
Two rules: its work-in-progress so nothing public, and you have to read and note every paper in advance to properly participate. This year, I am talking co-regulation and Kevin has pointed me to this fascinating Phil Weiser net neutrality co-regulation paper that somehow slipped under my radar - he takes co-regulation from the Ofcom study which is derivative of everything else (with a nod to pioneering Schulz-Held in 2001), so that makes my paper an intellectual and policy history of how Europe got to that point.

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